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Dr. Boparai has traveled extensively and photographed many wonders of the world, natural and human-made.Beginning with his family's Canon AE-1 35 mm camera, he learned the fundamentals of focus and exposure. As a yearbook photographer he was able to gain early experience in composition and editing. He continued to practice photography during college and veterinary school.His work as a veterinarian, provides the opportunity to merge art and science, capturing technical medical images with an eye towards composition. Many of his images have been used in veterinary publications and portraits of his patients and hang in pet owners homes and veterinary hospitals.He enjoys natural landscapes as well as the details within those landscapes. From the vast forest to the pattern of bark on a tree. From Yosemite's famed Valley View to the pattern of granite crystals on a glaciated outcropping.Dr. Boparai appreciates the angles and symmetry often found in architecture, automobiles and machinery. Once again he captures the overall view as well as details in patterns.His work has been published numerous times. He has also been commissioned by large construction firms and Silicon Valley companies.The geographical and cultural diversity of his native California continues to provide inspiration for his art.

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